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Some of My Cases


Burglary Acquittal after Jury Trial

Ed was wrongly accused of felony burglary.


Ed was a member of a local social club.   He was also an officer there as well.   He had been a member for some years.    He always participated in social activities of the club. 

On the night of Sunday July 28, 2019,  Ed went to the club to meet with some friends and have a soda.   Maybe he played some of their ticket games.    It was an ordinary night as he sat at the bar talking with friends.   He would go home with one friend following him.

Ed and Attorney Bob Freeman standing outside Clearfield County Courthouse after a not guilty finding by jury.

steve pic 2.jpg

A happy Steve and his young daughter.  Attorney Freeman guided him through a nightmare.

Homicide by Vehicle

Steve's Story

I represented Steve. Steve is a good man. It doesn't always happen with attorneys and their clients, but Steve was not just a client.  Steve became a friend. This case was an emotional battle. It was more than just an ordinary case. He was a commercial driver by trade.   He was a good driver. He drove emergency vehicles for a volunteer fire company. He drove school buses. On one fateful day, his life changed in an instant on one fall day. 

 Protecting 2nd Amendment Gun Rights and Helping A Veteran

Mike's Story

In the 1980’s Mike was in the United States Navy and stationed in Florida.  Mike was a decorated serviceman.  Mike was involved with the Navy Search and Rescue.  Mike had participated in the recovery effort of the Challenger Space Shuttle crash in 1986.   Mike received an award for his efforts on the shuttle disaster. 

mike diop 3.jpg

Mike in his dress white uniform while serving the Navy in the 1980's.

brooke pic.png

A happy Brooke after her case was thrown out.

Battling Bureaucrats Over a Felony

Brooke's Story

This was a single mother who was recently divorced.  Like most mothers, she needed medical assistance through the state.  The state bureaucracy said she owed $4,266.10 because she failed to report her new employment.

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