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Brooke's Case

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Battling Bureaucrats Over a Felony

Brooke's Story

This was a single mother who was recently divorced.  Like most mothers, she needed medical assistance through the state.  The state bureaucracy said she owed $4,266.10 because she failed to report her new employment.

The Department of Public Welfare said that she was ineligible for $4,266.10 of benefits.  While Brooke was on Medicaid, she obtained a nursing degree and subsequently a well-paying job.  She received health insurance through her employer and did not need Medicaid any longer.  She called her casework at the Department of Public Welfare and advised them of her new job.  The caseworker remarked, “You are making more than I am now.” 

Brooke felt that she was done with the bureaucracy.  However, she received a criminal complaint for Felony 3 that could seriously damage the good work that she did earning a degree and obtaining a well-paying job.  Attorney Freeman aggressively defended Brooke who presented their own testimony and their own evidence.  He presented Brooke’s documentation of her work history and most importantly her phone history that did show that Brooke had notified someone at the Department of Public Welfare.  However, the Department of Public Welfare stood by their demand for full restitution of the previous amount.  A hearing was held and Attorney Freeman cross-examined the Commonwealth. 

Attorney Freeman presented Brooke as a witness and also presented documents stuff as phone history and work documents.  The case was thrown out as the Judge questioned the honesty and neglect of the caseworker at the hearing.  It is typical for the Department of Public Welfare to try to obtain money from people that are ineligible.  However, the caseworker neglected to follow up in this case and terminate the benefits upon notification by Brooke. 

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