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Attorney Robert J. Freeman

Over 30 years of practice  

- More than 15,000+ cases in practice

Building Justice one case at a time......

-General Practice with Emphasis on the following:

- DUI, Criminal Law and Traffic/Accident Cases

-Child custody and divorce.

-Workers compensation

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What Do I Do?

I am a general practitioner who primarily provides services for child custody, divorce, criminal cases and driving under the inthe influence (DUI).

In Negotiation

Robert J. Freeman

I am an Attorney who has been practicing for 28 years. I also have an amazing, organized and intelligent secretary for 18 years. I also have other attorneys who work for me as well.


Case Examples

See some of my past clients and how I was able to represent them in the court of Law

Reviewing the Law


Check out common questions I get asked all the time, so you can have your questions answered

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